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Global Warming

What is the cause of global warming and what prevents global warming

Ways to prevent global warming – What is causing global warming – What is the cause of global warming

One of the biggest debates in the world at present is global warming. Man and nature plays equal role in global warming. It is very clearly proved and it is also logical. Nature has made the global warming because man has destroyed the natural cycle.

So, is there any possible ways to prevent global warming? Society plans for many things but how far it is applicable is it possible to switch off our computer, T.V, lights, and walk to showroom to purchase greener car. But it is not possible to make changes in short period. It can be done only when every individual have an interest to save the earth.

Science says that we have already destroyed the earth and it is very difficult to save our earth. So we have to reduce our luxurious life by avoiding TV,PCs,lights, everything must be off and we have to travel by bus. The threat has been increased to ten folds like nuclear war or world war.

Following the Ways to Prevent of global warming is a difficult task. Public wants the government to teach them about the hazards of global warming through television. How to make the adamant or stubborn people who never have interest over saving the earth. We   have to take pledge to save our environment.


The major distraction faced by environment is global warming. Temperature of earth is caused from low range to high range is due to this warming up of earth which is caused by temperature ?trapping gases which is known as greenhouse gases.

Even though sixty percentage of global warming is made by carbon dioxide rest of gases also plays a role in global warming. What is causing global warming? They are chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide and methane. Do you know how this earth gets heated? It is either by man or by natural phenomenon. Both human and nature plays a role in increasing the global warming.

If any changes occur in earth orbit it effects or makes planet to go nearer or away from sun. So they are the strangers for global warming. Do you know what is causing global warming? Plate tectonics which is the reason for poles has to be separated from hot ocean current. They affect the climate. Methane plays major role in global warming which is released by arctic tundra and also from wetlands.

What is a cause for global warming? Greenhouse gas is released to maintain earth?s temperature but they are increased by the human?s activities in environment. Earth absorbs more heat man is a major cause for this global warming. Industries pollute the environment which in turn causes global warming. They release more amount of   green house gas and the carbon dioxide which affect the nature cycle and earth.

Industries, transportation, electricity which is released from coal-fired powered plant are the major cause for carbon dioxide to the environment. Do you know what a cause for global warming is?  Deforestation is the other reason for green house gases, because fewer amounts of trees affect the transformation of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Science says that burning of tree woods and oil and coal which are called as fossil fuels release carbon dioxide livestock releases methane. Industries and agricultural products release nitrous oxide.

Even the current research was not able to find the accurate reason for global warming .we can predict the causes of global warming and we can take preventive measures for protecting the environment from global warming. There lay many stories regarding this global warming. We cannot control the global warming but gradually we can have a control over it. There are certain reasons for global warming by considering those reasons we can have a little control over global warming.

Global warming has reached top position as result earth has become very hot even you can cook   food such as egg using the heat strokes.  Even the summer has made history due to this increase of temperature. So everyone must be aware about hydration while spending their picnic in outdoors.

Global warming is the continuous hottest issue in the world. It is also a political issue too. Where the humans play a vital role in huge amount. Many countries are affected by this how global warming worksespecially America had worst scary hurricanes because of global warming.

Global warming is caused by human activities. This can be controlled in future by teaching the younger generation about the hazards of global warming through experiments in schools even must take a pledge to save the earth . Even the car pollutes environment and causes global warming. This is scientifically proved. Many research shows that car make major destruction on earth and cause global warming.

So the future generation has to be educated through schools to prevent the global warming.

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