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Noise pollution causes and effects

The noise pollution can be defined simply as ?unwanted sound.” Any type sound will be treated as unwanted due to the following facts.

  • Annoying/unpleasant
  • Loud
  • Distracting / Intrusive

Noise pollution definition can be given in one other way too.

Noise is actually a Latin word which gives the meaning ?seasickness?. More commonly it can be stated as the sensation of annoyance, disgust or discomfort.

It is not very easy to define the noise pollution definition. Essentially noise pollution is the kind of pollution that is caused by several different audio sources that is causing the feel of irritation, a distraction to our living environment. This not pollution is not only disturbing the environment but it also produces harm to our mankind.

Noise pollution causes and Noise pollution effects


In our day to day life, noise pollution is increasing rapidly and it becomes to grow as one of the serious threats in some areas. Noise pollution becomes a stress full one to so many animals it also creating many problems in prey relation/predator & detection. It also leads to several different reproduction issues. Very serious noises can, In fact, deduce the usable habitats of some sound-sensible creatures; finally, it results in the depletion of rare species.  For example noise pollution created by the mankind actually putting a full stop for so many sea animals. Specifically, the ones whose sense of hearing is very sharp like whales and dolphins. All Scientists have agreed the fact that so many dolphins and whales are committing the massive suicides just reaching seashore by observing the wrong signals.

Noise pollution effects are giving so many negative impacts on the human health. Exposure to the too much noise of noise will lead to aggression, hearing loss, stress, sleep disturbance so much more psychological issues. Researchers have shown that so many people who can afford a new home have started to buy homes in areas where the noise disturbance is very low. Now think about the one who can?t afford a new home. Let?s reduce the noise pollution by preventing the Noise pollution causes.

One of the main sources of noise pollution is our transportation, especially noise caused by the motor vehicles. Other sources include emergency service sirens , alarms, factory machinery, office equipment, construction work, power tools barking dogs, loudspeakers , different audio systems, lighting hum & stage meetings disturbances can cause the noise pollution. Among all these motor vehicles are the dominant sources of noise pollution.
The problem of Noise pollution has gained significant attention from the environmental point. But still this noise pollution has not received the full recognition as one of the major environmental issue. Noise laws are not created in many courtiers yet. In the United States they have federal standards for the things like aircraft noise, highway and aircraft noise, some states & local governments are having the specific statutes for the building codes, road way development programs and urban planning. But still Unites states do not have a dedicated body which would regulates these noise pollution. Not even a single country has created such regulations this means the serious effects of noise pollution are not still fully understood.
In few countries various types of noises are handled carefully by the respective agencies those are responsible for noise source. For example noise caused by the vehicles are managed by the transportation ministry of ways to prevent global warming . Loud speaker noises are treated as a criminal offense in so many areas. Generally   everyone is seeing this noise pollution as the source of irritation rather than the real issues created by the noises. This is why we don?t have special bodies to regulate the noise pollution

Given below are some of the noise pollution effects on humans

Hearing Issues

Exposure to the harm full noise can cause damages to our most important organs of our body, i.e., the ear. The Hearing impairment happened because of noise pollution may be a temporary one or permanent one. Whenever the sound level goes above 70 dB mark which becomes a noise to our ear. If the noise level crosses over the 80 decibels which will produce many harm full effects to our ear. When our ear is exposed to a sound that goes over the 100 decibels for certain period of time, it will cause irreparable damage to the ear and will also lead to all time / permanent hearing loss.

Cognitive function

If your ears are regularly exposed to some loud noise you will lose the reading, understanding and learning ability. You will also lose the Problem solving abilities and may get the short term memory lose because of the often exposure to the noise. This Noise pollution will also give a raise to the level of error and will decrease your productivity in office. Research shows that the children who are studying in the noisy environment are showing very poor cognitive function.

Cardiovascular Problems

Our noisy environments are one of the main sources for the heart issues. Researchers have revealed that high level of sounds can give a dramatic raise to the blood pressure. It also increase the heart beat rate. This is proved by analyzing the heart beta of children who are staying and learning the noisy environment. It is very high when compare to the children who are living in the reduced noisy environment.

Apart from this noise pollution can cause sleep disturbances and may produce mental problems.

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