Land pollution Causes and Facts.

Land pollution facts – What is land pollution - Land pollution pictures

Pollution in land becomes one of the main types of pollution that is hurting the earth which is also one of the global concerns. Drastic environmental degradation is one of the other major culprits which are the result of industrialization. We can say countless reasons for the land pollution. However the main factors which are responsible the land pollution are identified as improper waste management ,pesticides, improper disposal of industrial wastes, oil dumping and fuel dumping. These all activities are ruining the soil and lead to land pollution.  To get a better health and wealth we must restore the contaminated soil. Our Scientists have started to develop and redevelop the useful soil remedial techniques to ensure purification of our land. If you are asking yourself what is land pollution then continue to read this post .

Countless people are getting affected every day because the land pollution can affect people in so many ways. It can give anything like sickness or diseases, major health issues and finally death. If we start to talk of pollution in may mean land pollution, air pollution and water pollution.

Now let?s talk about the Land pollution facts and causes.

Land pollution causes are so many. Some of the things are elaborated along with the clear Land pollution pictures.

Rapidly Growing population

As we are seeing every day many fertilized lands are turned in to residential areas. Because of the growing population we are building factories and house from the depletion of agricultural lands. Urbanization is the major cause for why agricultural lands are often gets exploited. Due to the how to prevent pollution in cities rich people have started to build their rest homes by destroying the forest .Countless homes & countless buildings essentially mean the need of more construction materials. To fulfill this need we are destroying the trees on daily basis.

Domestic wastages

Due to the increased population people have started to dump the organic and in organic wastes in to the lands which makes our lands and streets to become unhealthy. On daily basis the garbage collectors from our federation used to collect tons and tons of wastes from the households and businesses. These collected waste materials include plastics, papers, left-over foods, chemicals, Styrofoam, and more. The issue that exists among our people today is ?They are thinking of the environment?. We can attain the healthy place only when we learn to segregate our wastages before disposing. Since it is one of the major Land pollution Causes let?s learn to manage wastages and prevent the land pollution.

causes of water pollution

Land pollution pictures

The people should be instructed to attend the waste management programs compulsorily. In this what they learn is ?segregation of wastes such as plastics, papers & all other non-biodegradable waste materials from the biodegradable materials?.

 Industrial activities

Industrial activities are one of the other major Land pollution facts. It will result in the land pollution. Main activities that the industries are performing include open cast mining, deep mining of pools, chemical spills and many more. These all factors can easily make our land to get polluted.

Usage of so many pesticides and herbicides are usually pollutes the soil. Some other land pollutants are coming from the improper disposal of nuclear wastes, oil refineries, animal farms, and factories and so on. Let?s make others to know ?what is land pollution ?and how to avoid land pollution.


There are so many negative impacts that are playing main role in land pollution. Let?s explore some.

  • When the land is get polluted we can?t grow our crops in a proper way. Thus food crops scarcity will occur.
  • If we continue to cut so many trees to meet our building material needs deforestation will occur. It will end up with the termination of wild life.
  • If we continue to pollute the air, land and water  it will end up in the acid rain
  • Un healthy place can actually causes the diseases such as plaque, malaria, brain fever and so many
  • If a society fails to follow the waste management soon they will end up living in the filthy environment.

Every one of us living on the earth are responsible for finding the ways to prevent the land pollution facts and act accordingly to stop this land pollution .If we do not understand our responsibilities, definitely it will become a threat to our human and wild life. It may turn into a question over our survival too?

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