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Effects of global warming on humans and earth

Effects of global warming on humans – Impacts of global warming -Global warming effects on earth

Every one of us must have come across the term “global warming” but still many of us didn’t realize about the effect of global warming on earth and our precious live. Even so many people might not know what the global warming is all about. In this post, we try to put a clear picture on global warming so you can easily feel how it will affect our lives.

When the changes in climate go to extreme level, our entire world also reaches to some dangerous extreme. Anyhow today global warming’s effect is not felt only in the melting of ice continents, rising of the sea level, temperature rise, crop failure but also impacts of global warming also gets reflected in our human lives too. Many dangerous diseases are caused by the mosquitoes. These are all becomes an epidemic disease.

When we talk about the effects of global warming on humans the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind should be ?will it any disease to our body?? The answer is yes. Malaria is one of the diseases which are highly increased in Africa because of the mosquitoes. As we all know mosquitoes can spread many more diseases. This sudden raise is due to the raise of the temperature in to the colder land of Africa. Since the temperature is too high these mosquitoes have no way of moving to the mountain areas. This extreme condition made several places such as Nairobi, Harar to be a safer place for human live which are all located up in the mountain.

In addition to malaria, on other disease exist as effects of global warming on humans. It is of course the rise in sea level and climate change. The increase in sea level not only affects the human physical health but it can also cause psychological aberration in human. Climate change can make people to become stress full.

Stress will lead you to do many negative acts. It has the power to change your life upside down. Now a day?s researches have revealed this stress is becoming one f the major problem that is faced as an Effects of global warming on humans and children especially in developed countries. From it has also revealed, in the year 2011 alone there were 150,000 premature deaths have occurred due to this stress.

Impacts of global warming are suspected to be high in developing courtiers especially it will affect 88% of children who are living in such places. The most negative effects will be seemed on the children who are all fragile and malnutrition. Mainly it affects the children who are living in some poor environment.


One other serious impact is water pollution. The changes in climate will also cause the high damages to the ozen protective layer .It actually gives a significant rise for the water pollution. Global warming effects on earth include the damages to the Ozone Protective layer too. This layer plays a vital role in our protection from the sunlight. Our failure to protect the earth ended up in the severe climate change than in past decades.

When we merge the effects of a hotter climate along with the effects of up normal rise in the sea levels, you can understand the high chances of experiencing some higher rate in the precipitation. Apart from this so many weather conditions like flash floods, hurricanes & tornadoes may also get developed. On the day we have started to experience this we will feel severe injuries, devastation and many more will occur. Impacts of global warming on earth are not leaving the plants and animals too. As we already know the air pollution solution and climate change in the sea made a way for the death of whales and dolphins in our seashore.

Finally it is not possible for us to revoke all the changes and damages happened to our precious earth. Although we can?t do anything for what we have done already we can stop the further damages. Every one of us should make sure that we will all that we can to avoid the air pollution to our atmosphere. Let?s avoid the Global warming effects on earth to get a prosperous future.

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