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Air Pollution Statistics And Solution

Air Pollution Solutions-Air Pollution Statistics-Air Pollution for Kids

The environment is an area, conditions or circumstances that surround us and Earth is our home. It provides us all the needed things to survive our life. To survive our life in this environment, we all have to lead a healthy Ecosphere with healthy plants, animals and also ecological systems, pure waters, fertile soils and pure air.

Nowadays, earth?s instinctive beauty is getting disappeared because of people. What they do is they destroy it by developing the resources for their own purpose. Environment?s destruction rate is getting high when compared to past decades.

Environmental problems? May solutions be done by decreasing the natural resources? over-consumption as well as carbon?s emission into atmosphere produced from vehicles. The industrial products that cause air pollution are to be controlled and also those activities which cause climate changes and global warming should be controlled. Deforestation used for constructions has to be strictly reduced and also non-biodegradable materials should be consumed less. The activities that cause soil, forest, and water and air pollution must be decreased.

One of the methods to control these pollutions is recycling. Recycling the waste products will reduce the cause of pollution and also environmental strain. Electronic materials like mobile phones, computers are should be recycled. Let compost be created in order to reduce the wastes as well as when creating organic fertilizer to out the carbon dioxide. To decrease deforestation, the used materials have to be recycled using latest technologies.

The next method is reusing the resources and materials that are manufactured along with plants or trees for their preservation. All the recycled materials have to be reused in order to decrease the resources? demand.

As people all over the world explore the cause of Global Warming, the pollution which remains dangerous is air pollution.

Death becomes too common because of pollution and the effect is not only to the people but also for animals and plants.

Air pollution for kids

Many studies have done to find whether air pollution causes asthma along with other diseases. They found that ozone protects people from the sun?s harmful effects. Lower elevations could be dropped down by ozone. It also causes smog which keeps the air pollution somewhat down and where we humans and all other living organisms can breadth. It happens during summer, whenever temperatures are high and causes the ozone to be dropped down and letting the pollution to keep in. if the ozone is down, adults and children may have an attack of asthma.

Asthma can affect children easily than adults because their small body mass gives them risk in breathing and their airways be blocked soon than adults. Controlling good asthma can be destroyed by the ozone and even it could destroy the action plan by spreading the smog all over the cities.

Air Pollution Statistics

The healthy, clean air could be made by the following 5 policy changes that can provide air pollution solutions. The ALA (American Lung Association) and other health and environmental organizations have recommended the following steps for the clean air schedule for our nation:

  1. Let the coal-fired power plants be cleaned up ? Coal plants cause highly the ozone and atmosphere and lead to asthma and heart diseases and worsened the toxic substances and greenhouse gases.
  2. Strengthen ozone air standards voluntarily ? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has supplied the standards of national air quality by limiting the smog. But unluckily, the ALA and some groups disputed in court. Then again the EPA issued the new standards which protect ecosystems and people.
  3. Clean up oceangoing vessels ? Tankers, container ships and cruise ships emit numerous amount of smog which is the reason for the formation of heat producing carbon dioxide especially soot (black carbon), sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides. New report has shown that the pollution that is caused from these containers would reach far interior areas.
  4. Improve the pollution-monitoring network ? Numbers of sensors are collecting the data regarding quality of air that has to send to the database of EPA to find whether the communities meet national standards. Since those instruments are put only in thousand of 3141 counties of nation and cuts of the budget have pushed states in order to decrease the numbers of staffs and sensors that will be maintained by them and the data be analyzed by them. Science of emerging points that the areas that are not monitored are facing health risks in serious, especially people near to dirty industries and highways. The EPA should take necessary steps to lower the costs and to increase the ability to track pollutants.
  5. Enforce the law ? The Clean Air Act repelled the ability of the nation to control air pollution since 1970. But those rules have worn away by politic choices took the place associated with scientific types and after holding off  in enforcing particular needs have installed till costly legal cases prompt action. Through rebuilding dedication in order to technology as well as regulation, the country could make excellent advances.
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