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From Student:

“I used to be a waiter/bartender and I thought that it sucked because I had quit smoking six months before I started working as a bartender – but ended up continuing to smoke…by way of inhaling secondhand smoke! I’m glad that workers are safer now.”


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Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act


Working to Keep the Centennial State’s Air Clean Since 2006

Definition of Secondhand Smoke: Unwanted smoke that people breathe in from cigarettes that other people are smoking. It’s also known as passive smoking.

The Surgeon General’s 1964 whitepaper report on smoking and health was the first study of its kind to be released to the general public. Since then, more than 20,000,000 US citizens have died as a result of a tobacco and nicotine habit. Whereas most of those deaths represented adults who had regular smoking habits, 2.5 million people who had never smoked in their lives died from lung cancer and heart disease attributed to secondhand smoke. Another 100,000 were babies or infant victims of passive smoking.

In 2010, a CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) study showed that 42,000 Americans die every year as a result of being exposed to secondhand smoke. That’s one nonsmoker killed for every eleven smokers who die from the habit. Secondhand, or passive smoke, is known to cause heart attacks in adults, and the devastating impact it has on children can range from asthma attacks, respiratory problems and SIDS, (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.)

The Colorado 2006 Clean Indoor Air Act was passed to protect innocent lungs from secondhand smoke, which causes 34,000 cases of fatal heart disease and over 7,000 deaths through lung cancer nationwide every year.

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Secondhand smoke is particularly dangerous for pregnant women,
Increasing the risks of preterm delivery, low birth weight, and miscarriage.”

Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act enforces smoking bans in many indoor areas and public places such as, but not limited to commercial and retail establishments, museums, libraries, schools, restaurants, and bars. And with the exception of non-public workplaces with three or fewer people, the Act also outlaws smoking in almost all places of employment.

When compared to the US national average, Colorado’s smoking statistics don’t hold up as well as states like Utah, California, or Minnesota, but is much better placed when compared to Kentucky and West Virginia, the two states with most smokers nationwide.

Below is a list of each of the top ten states with the highest and lowest smoking rates:

States with the highest rates of smoking:
30.2% Kentucky
29.9% West Virginia
27.0% Mississippi
25.2% Oklahoma
25.0% Ohio
24.7% Missouri
24.7% Indiana
24.1% Louisiana
23.6% Tennessee
23.2% Michigan

States with the lowest rates of smoking:

12.2% Utah
15.0% California
15.8% Minnesota
16.3% Massachusetts
16.9% New Jersey
17.0% Maryland
17.0% Washington
17.1% Rhode Island
17.4% Colorado
17.5% Arizona

(Source: Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index 2013)

Colorado’s CIAA has more or less eliminated smoking in public spaces and workplaces, and as a result, the state has seen some significant changes. Millions of Coloradans are now better protected from the risks of tobacco smoke at work, and hundreds of thousands fewer people are smoking now than before the law came into effect. Thanks to the Act, most people living in Colorado can breathe safe, smoke-free air. But the state’s health officials admit they still have a way to go.

With above average rates of male student smokers, and well over 2,000 kids under 18 becoming new smokers every year, Colorado still books 5,100 yearly deaths from smoking. The state also estimates that 91,000 of its residents below the age of eighteen will die prematurely from smoking-related causes.

The sad fact is that smoking in Colorado still kills more people than AIDS,
murders, suicides, illegal drugs, alcohol and traffic accidents COMBINED.”

Tragic as the figures are, the human cost is not the only factor Colorado has to endure. The dollar expenditure caused by smoking in the state runs into the billions. Healthcare directly related to smoking costs taxpayers almost $1.9 billion every year, and loss of productivity due to smoking-related downtime tops the $1.27 billion level annually.

Add to this the Medicaid costs of $386 million and the total leaves Coloradan’s facing a yearly tax burden of $692 per household for government expenditure caused directly by the impact smoking has on the health of its residents.

Since 2013, Colorado’s war on tobacco has focused more and more on the state’s younger residents. The dedicated, “I AM A SMOKE-FREE ZONE” campaign launched from Denver, and its surrounding communities, concentrated efforts on protecting children from secondhand smoke by declaring every child a smoke-free zone.

It also set out to destroy four of the most widespread misconceptions people have about passive smoking:

1. Blowing smoke out a window or door prevents exposing a child to secondhand smoke
2. The best strategy for preventing secondhand smoke in the home is to ventilate
3. Using deodorizers reduces the health risks posed by passive smoking
4. The only way to protect your child from secondhand smoke is to quit smoking altogether

The campaign is keen to stress that when it comes to secondhand smoke, there is no such thing as a risk-free level of exposure. Adults who smoke should be consistent and step outside if kids are in the home and step away from anyone that could be harmed before they light up and smoke their cigarettes.

Each and every child in Colorado has
been declared a smoke-free zone.”

I AM A SMOKE-FREE ZONE is coordinated by Denver Public Health and is run in partnership with various local health agencies, and in a large number of counties. The campaign uses Spanish and English TV and radio broadcasts, event, restroom, store, and outdoor marketing to encourage Colorado’s residents to protect their children from the dangerous chemicals that can be found in secondhand smoke.

The campaign is only one of several major smoking-related public health campaigns now active in the state. And together with Colorado’s voter-approved hike in taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco-related products, the state’s health managers are optimistic that the battle for clean, smoke-free air in the Centennial State is turning in their favor.

How to stop global warming


The confirmation that people are causing an Earth-wide temperature boost is solid, however the subject of what to do about it stays questionable. Financial aspects, humanism, and governmental issues are terrifically critical factors in getting ready for what’s to come. Regardless of whether we quit discharging ozone-depleting substances (GHGs) today, the Earth would even now warm by another degree Fahrenheit or thereabouts. In any case, what we do from today forward has a major effect. Contingent upon our decisions, researchers anticipate that the Earth could, in the end, warm by as meager as 2.5 degrees or as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use renewable energy:

Pick a service organization that produces, in any event, a large portion of its energy from wind or sun powered and has been affirmed by Green-e Energy, an association that vets sustainable power source alternatives. In the event that that isn’t feasible for you, investigate your electric bill; numerous utilities now list different approaches to help sustainable sources on their month to month articulations and sites.

Use energy efficient appliances:

Since they were first actualized broadly in 1987, productivity measures for many apparatuses and items have kept 2.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide out of the air. That is an indistinguishable sum from the yearly carbon contamination hacked up by almost 440 million autos. “Vitality productivity is the most minimal cost approach to diminish discharges,” Haq says. When looking for coolers, clothes washers, and different machines, search for the Energy Star mark. It will reveal to you which are the most productive.

Don’t cheap out on the bulbs:

LED bulbs utilize something like 80 percent less vitality than traditional incandescents. They’re additionally less expensive over the long haul: A 10-watt LED that replaces your customary 60-watt knob will spare you $125 over the light’s life.

Save water:

Sparing water decreases carbon contamination, as well. That is on account of it takes a considerable measure of vitality to pump, warmth, and treat your water. So scrub down, kill the tap while brushing your teeth, and change to WaterSense-marked apparatuses and machines. The EPA assesses that if only one out of each 100 American homes were retrofitted with water-effective apparatuses, around 100 million kilowatt-hours of power every year would be spared—keeping away from 80,000 tons of an Earth-wide temperature boost contamination.

Reduce your waste:

Refuse covered in landfills produces methane, a powerful ozone-depleting substance. Keep stuff out of landfills by fertilizing the soil kitchen scraps and garden trimmings, and reusing paper, plastic, metal, and glass. Let store chiefs and makers know you need items with insignificant or recyclable bundling.

The shift to locally grown foods:

Purchase natural and privately developed nourishments. Maintain a strategic distance from prepared things. Develop some of your own sustenance. What’s more, eat low on the natural pecking order — no less than one without meat feast a day — since 18 for every penny of ozone-harming substance discharges originates from meat and dairy creation.

Causes Of Global Warming


Earth’s atmosphere has dependably been in a condition of motion, as indicated by information gathered from the geographical record, ice center examples, and different sources. Notwithstanding, since the Industrial Revolution started in the late 1700s, the world’s atmosphere has been changing in a quick and exceptional way. Some have confounded a worldwide temperature alteration as tireless, expanding warmth. While the worldwide temperature is expanding, it may not mean a higher temperature in an individual area. Notwithstanding heat waves, the expansion in worldwide temperature is massively affecting the earth, for example, liquefying polar ice tops, raising the ocean level and filling hazardous and serious climate designs. Understanding the reasons for a worldwide temperature alteration is the initial step of checking its belongings.

Causes of Global warming:

A worldwide temperature alteration happens when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air contaminations and ozone-harming substances gather in the climate and assimilate daylight and sun oriented radiation that has skipped off the world’s surface. Regularly, this radiation would escape into space—however these contaminations, which can keep going for quite a long time to hundreds of years in the air, trap the warmth and make the planet get more sizzling. That is what’s known as the nursery impact.

In the United States, the consuming of petroleum products to make power is the biggest wellspring of warmth catching contamination, delivering around two billion tons of CO2 consistently. Coal-consuming force plants are by a wide margin the greatest polluters. The nation’s second-biggest wellspring of carbon contamination is the transportation part, which produces around 1.7 billion tons of CO2 emanations a year.

Checking unsafe environmental change requires profound cuts in discharges and the utilization of other options to petroleum derivatives around the world. Fortunately, we’ve begun a turnaround: CO2 outflows in the United States really diminished from 2005 to 2014, thanks to some extent to new, vitality effective innovation and the utilization of cleaner powers. Also, researchers keep on developing better approaches to modernize control plants, produce cleaner power, and consume less gas while we drive. The test is to make sure these arrangements are put to utilize and generally received.

Effects of Global warming:

  • Liquefying icy masses, early snowmelt, and extreme dry spells will cause more emotional water deficiencies and increment the danger of rapidly spreading fires in the American West.
  • Rising ocean levels will prompt beach front flooding on the Eastern Seaboard, particularly in Florida, and in different zones, for example, the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Hypersensitivities, asthma, and irresistible sickness episodes will turn out to be more typical because of expanded development of dust creating ragweed, more elevated amounts of air contamination, and the spread of conditions positive to pathogens and mosquitoes.
  • Backwoods, ranches, and urban communities will confront troublesome new vermin, warm waves, overwhelming storms, and expanded flooding. Each one of those components will harm or annihilate farming and fisheries.
  • Interruption of living spaces, for example, coral reefs and Alpine knolls could drive numerous plant and creature species to elimination.
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What is the cause of global warming and what prevents global warming


Ways to prevent global warming – What is causing global warming – What is the cause of global warming

One of the biggest debates in the world at present is global warming. Man and nature plays equal role in global warming. It is very clearly proved and it is also logical. Nature has made the global warming because man has destroyed the natural cycle.

So, is there any possible ways to prevent global warming? Society plans for many things but how far it is applicable is it possible to switch off our computer, T.V, lights, and walk to showroom to purchase greener car. But it is not possible to make changes in short period. It can be done only when every individual have an interest to save the earth.

Science says that we have already destroyed the earth and it is very difficult to save our earth. So we have to reduce our luxurious life by avoiding TV,PCs,lights, everything must be off and we have to travel by bus. The threat has been increased to ten folds like nuclear war or world war.

Following the Ways to Prevent of global warming is a difficult task. Public wants the government to teach them about the hazards of global warming through television. How to make the adamant or stubborn people who never have interest over saving the earth. We   have to take pledge to save our environment.


The major distraction faced by environment is global warming. Temperature of earth is caused from low range to high range is due to this warming up of earth which is caused by temperature ?trapping gases which is known as greenhouse gases.

Even though sixty percentage of global warming is made by carbon dioxide rest of gases also plays a role in global warming. What is causing global warming? They are chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide and methane. Do you know how this earth gets heated? It is either by man or by natural phenomenon. Both human and nature plays a role in increasing the global warming.

If any changes occur in earth orbit it effects or makes planet to go nearer or away from sun. So they are the strangers for global warming. Do you know what is causing global warming? Plate tectonics which is the reason for poles has to be separated from hot ocean current. They affect the climate. Methane plays major role in global warming which is released by arctic tundra and also from wetlands.

What is a cause for global warming? Greenhouse gas is released to maintain earth?s temperature but they are increased by the human?s activities in environment. Earth absorbs more heat man is a major cause for this global warming. Industries pollute the environment which in turn causes global warming. They release more amount of   green house gas and the carbon dioxide which affect the nature cycle and earth.

Industries, transportation, electricity which is released from coal-fired powered plant are the major cause for carbon dioxide to the environment. Do you know what a cause for global warming is?  Deforestation is the other reason for green house gases, because fewer amounts of trees affect the transformation of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Science says that burning of tree woods and oil and coal which are called as fossil fuels release carbon dioxide livestock releases methane. Industries and agricultural products release nitrous oxide.

Even the current research was not able to find the accurate reason for global warming .we can predict the causes of global warming and we can take preventive measures for protecting the environment from global warming. There lay many stories regarding this global warming. We cannot control the global warming but gradually we can have a control over it. There are certain reasons for global warming by considering those reasons we can have a little control over global warming.

Global warming has reached top position as result earth has become very hot even you can cook   food such as egg using the heat strokes.  Even the summer has made history due to this increase of temperature. So everyone must be aware about hydration while spending their picnic in outdoors.

Global warming is the continuous hottest issue in the world. It is also a political issue too. Where the humans play a vital role in huge amount. Many countries are affected by this how global warming worksespecially America had worst scary hurricanes because of global warming.

Global warming is caused by human activities. This can be controlled in future by teaching the younger generation about the hazards of global warming through experiments in schools even must take a pledge to save the earth . Even the car pollutes environment and causes global warming. This is scientifically proved. Many research shows that car make major destruction on earth and cause global warming.

So the future generation has to be educated through schools to prevent the global warming.

Noise pollution causes and effects


The noise pollution can be defined simply as ?unwanted sound.” Any type sound will be treated as unwanted due to the following facts.

  • Annoying/unpleasant
  • Loud
  • Distracting / Intrusive

Noise pollution definition can be given in one other way too.

Noise is actually a Latin word which gives the meaning ?seasickness?. More commonly it can be stated as the sensation of annoyance, disgust or discomfort.

It is not very easy to define the noise pollution definition. Essentially noise pollution is the kind of pollution that is caused by several different audio sources that is causing the feel of irritation, a distraction to our living environment. This not pollution is not only disturbing the environment but it also produces harm to our mankind.

Noise pollution causes and Noise pollution effects


In our day to day life, noise pollution is increasing rapidly and it becomes to grow as one of the serious threats in some areas. Noise pollution becomes a stress full one to so many animals it also creating many problems in prey relation/predator & detection. It also leads to several different reproduction issues. Very serious noises can, In fact, deduce the usable habitats of some sound-sensible creatures; finally, it results in the depletion of rare species.  For example noise pollution created by the mankind actually putting a full stop for so many sea animals. Specifically, the ones whose sense of hearing is very sharp like whales and dolphins. All Scientists have agreed the fact that so many dolphins and whales are committing the massive suicides just reaching seashore by observing the wrong signals.

Noise pollution effects are giving so many negative impacts on the human health. Exposure to the too much noise of noise will lead to aggression, hearing loss, stress, sleep disturbance so much more psychological issues. Researchers have shown that so many people who can afford a new home have started to buy homes in areas where the noise disturbance is very low. Now think about the one who can?t afford a new home. Let?s reduce the noise pollution by preventing the Noise pollution causes.

One of the main sources of noise pollution is our transportation, especially noise caused by the motor vehicles. Other sources include emergency service sirens , alarms, factory machinery, office equipment, construction work, power tools barking dogs, loudspeakers , different audio systems, lighting hum & stage meetings disturbances can cause the noise pollution. Among all these motor vehicles are the dominant sources of noise pollution.
The problem of Noise pollution has gained significant attention from the environmental point. But still this noise pollution has not received the full recognition as one of the major environmental issue. Noise laws are not created in many courtiers yet. In the United States they have federal standards for the things like aircraft noise, highway and aircraft noise, some states & local governments are having the specific statutes for the building codes, road way development programs and urban planning. But still Unites states do not have a dedicated body which would regulates these noise pollution. Not even a single country has created such regulations this means the serious effects of noise pollution are not still fully understood.
In few countries various types of noises are handled carefully by the respective agencies those are responsible for noise source. For example noise caused by the vehicles are managed by the transportation ministry of ways to prevent global warming . Loud speaker noises are treated as a criminal offense in so many areas. Generally   everyone is seeing this noise pollution as the source of irritation rather than the real issues created by the noises. This is why we don?t have special bodies to regulate the noise pollution

Given below are some of the noise pollution effects on humans

Hearing Issues

Exposure to the harm full noise can cause damages to our most important organs of our body, i.e., the ear. The Hearing impairment happened because of noise pollution may be a temporary one or permanent one. Whenever the sound level goes above 70 dB mark which becomes a noise to our ear. If the noise level crosses over the 80 decibels which will produce many harm full effects to our ear. When our ear is exposed to a sound that goes over the 100 decibels for certain period of time, it will cause irreparable damage to the ear and will also lead to all time / permanent hearing loss.

Cognitive function

If your ears are regularly exposed to some loud noise you will lose the reading, understanding and learning ability. You will also lose the Problem solving abilities and may get the short term memory lose because of the often exposure to the noise. This Noise pollution will also give a raise to the level of error and will decrease your productivity in office. Research shows that the children who are studying in the noisy environment are showing very poor cognitive function.

Cardiovascular Problems

Our noisy environments are one of the main sources for the heart issues. Researchers have revealed that high level of sounds can give a dramatic raise to the blood pressure. It also increase the heart beat rate. This is proved by analyzing the heart beta of children who are staying and learning the noisy environment. It is very high when compare to the children who are living in the reduced noisy environment.

Apart from this noise pollution can cause sleep disturbances and may produce mental problems.

Effects of global warming on humans and earth


Effects of global warming on humans – Impacts of global warming -Global warming effects on earth

Every one of us must have come across the term “global warming” but still many of us didn’t realize about the effect of global warming on earth and our precious live. Even so many people might not know what the global warming is all about. In this post, we try to put a clear picture on global warming so you can easily feel how it will affect our lives.

When the changes in climate go to extreme level, our entire world also reaches to some dangerous extreme. Anyhow today global warming’s effect is not felt only in the melting of ice continents, rising of the sea level, temperature rise, crop failure but also impacts of global warming also gets reflected in our human lives too. Many dangerous diseases are caused by the mosquitoes. These are all becomes an epidemic disease.

When we talk about the effects of global warming on humans the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind should be ?will it any disease to our body?? The answer is yes. Malaria is one of the diseases which are highly increased in Africa because of the mosquitoes. As we all know mosquitoes can spread many more diseases. This sudden raise is due to the raise of the temperature in to the colder land of Africa. Since the temperature is too high these mosquitoes have no way of moving to the mountain areas. This extreme condition made several places such as Nairobi, Harar to be a safer place for human live which are all located up in the mountain.

In addition to malaria, on other disease exist as effects of global warming on humans. It is of course the rise in sea level and climate change. The increase in sea level not only affects the human physical health but it can also cause psychological aberration in human. Climate change can make people to become stress full.

Stress will lead you to do many negative acts. It has the power to change your life upside down. Now a day?s researches have revealed this stress is becoming one f the major problem that is faced as an Effects of global warming on humans and children especially in developed countries. From it has also revealed, in the year 2011 alone there were 150,000 premature deaths have occurred due to this stress.

Impacts of global warming are suspected to be high in developing courtiers especially it will affect 88% of children who are living in such places. The most negative effects will be seemed on the children who are all fragile and malnutrition. Mainly it affects the children who are living in some poor environment.


One other serious impact is water pollution. The changes in climate will also cause the high damages to the ozen protective layer .It actually gives a significant rise for the water pollution. Global warming effects on earth include the damages to the Ozone Protective layer too. This layer plays a vital role in our protection from the sunlight. Our failure to protect the earth ended up in the severe climate change than in past decades.

When we merge the effects of a hotter climate along with the effects of up normal rise in the sea levels, you can understand the high chances of experiencing some higher rate in the precipitation. Apart from this so many weather conditions like flash floods, hurricanes & tornadoes may also get developed. On the day we have started to experience this we will feel severe injuries, devastation and many more will occur. Impacts of global warming on earth are not leaving the plants and animals too. As we already know the air pollution solution and climate change in the sea made a way for the death of whales and dolphins in our seashore.

Finally it is not possible for us to revoke all the changes and damages happened to our precious earth. Although we can?t do anything for what we have done already we can stop the further damages. Every one of us should make sure that we will all that we can to avoid the air pollution to our atmosphere. Let?s avoid the Global warming effects on earth to get a prosperous future.

Air Pollution Statistics And Solution


Air Pollution Solutions-Air Pollution Statistics-Air Pollution for Kids

The environment is an area, conditions or circumstances that surround us and Earth is our home. It provides us all the needed things to survive our life. To survive our life in this environment, we all have to lead a healthy Ecosphere with healthy plants, animals and also ecological systems, pure waters, fertile soils and pure air.

Nowadays, earth?s instinctive beauty is getting disappeared because of people. What they do is they destroy it by developing the resources for their own purpose. Environment?s destruction rate is getting high when compared to past decades.

Environmental problems? May solutions be done by decreasing the natural resources? over-consumption as well as carbon?s emission into atmosphere produced from vehicles. The industrial products that cause air pollution are to be controlled and also those activities which cause climate changes and global warming should be controlled. Deforestation used for constructions has to be strictly reduced and also non-biodegradable materials should be consumed less. The activities that cause soil, forest, and water and air pollution must be decreased.

One of the methods to control these pollutions is recycling. Recycling the waste products will reduce the cause of pollution and also environmental strain. Electronic materials like mobile phones, computers are should be recycled. Let compost be created in order to reduce the wastes as well as when creating organic fertilizer to out the carbon dioxide. To decrease deforestation, the used materials have to be recycled using latest technologies.

The next method is reusing the resources and materials that are manufactured along with plants or trees for their preservation. All the recycled materials have to be reused in order to decrease the resources? demand.

As people all over the world explore the cause of Global Warming, the pollution which remains dangerous is air pollution.

Death becomes too common because of pollution and the effect is not only to the people but also for animals and plants.

Air pollution for kids

Many studies have done to find whether air pollution causes asthma along with other diseases. They found that ozone protects people from the sun?s harmful effects. Lower elevations could be dropped down by ozone. It also causes smog which keeps the air pollution somewhat down and where we humans and all other living organisms can breadth. It happens during summer, whenever temperatures are high and causes the ozone to be dropped down and letting the pollution to keep in. if the ozone is down, adults and children may have an attack of asthma.

Asthma can affect children easily than adults because their small body mass gives them risk in breathing and their airways be blocked soon than adults. Controlling good asthma can be destroyed by the ozone and even it could destroy the action plan by spreading the smog all over the cities.

Air Pollution Statistics

The healthy, clean air could be made by the following 5 policy changes that can provide air pollution solutions. The ALA (American Lung Association) and other health and environmental organizations have recommended the following steps for the clean air schedule for our nation:

  1. Let the coal-fired power plants be cleaned up ? Coal plants cause highly the ozone and atmosphere and lead to asthma and heart diseases and worsened the toxic substances and greenhouse gases.
  2. Strengthen ozone air standards voluntarily ? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has supplied the standards of national air quality by limiting the smog. But unluckily, the ALA and some groups disputed in court. Then again the EPA issued the new standards which protect ecosystems and people.
  3. Clean up oceangoing vessels ? Tankers, container ships and cruise ships emit numerous amount of smog which is the reason for the formation of heat producing carbon dioxide especially soot (black carbon), sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides. New report has shown that the pollution that is caused from these containers would reach far interior areas.
  4. Improve the pollution-monitoring network ? Numbers of sensors are collecting the data regarding quality of air that has to send to the database of EPA to find whether the communities meet national standards. Since those instruments are put only in thousand of 3141 counties of nation and cuts of the budget have pushed states in order to decrease the numbers of staffs and sensors that will be maintained by them and the data be analyzed by them. Science of emerging points that the areas that are not monitored are facing health risks in serious, especially people near to dirty industries and highways. The EPA should take necessary steps to lower the costs and to increase the ability to track pollutants.
  5. Enforce the law ? The Clean Air Act repelled the ability of the nation to control air pollution since 1970. But those rules have worn away by politic choices took the place associated with scientific types and after holding off  in enforcing particular needs have installed till costly legal cases prompt action. Through rebuilding dedication in order to technology as well as regulation, the country could make excellent advances.
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