Does nuclear pollution contribute to global warming?

Nuclear pollution – Radiation pollution – What contributes to global warming?

Nuclear power plants are gradually gone up because there is a demand for energy. Next reason for usage of this nuclear plant is to destroy the greenhouse gas, and the third thing is to avoid the shortage of gas, and oil for future generation. They are very clean and they do not cause any pollution to the environment. So there are no possibilities for nuclear pollution.

But this nuclear plant is very costly; it may also cause some toxic effect. This can be reduced by using the nuclear energy in minimal amount.

This can be done by establishing nuclear plant which contains production cells on its own. While using for other purpose it must reducing the transport distance. They must be transferred through grid to other consumers.

Central unit of production cell is power plant on its own. So as a result we get the electric current out of this power plant. In traditional method heat as be exchanged with water or sea. Some what this exchange has to be made in useful manner which will be utilized in future like electricity.

Production plants are arranged according to the requirement of export market.

Nuclear production plants help is in growing large amount of food crop of different types. They mostly help to grow the crop in cold area which in turn increases production. It  help to face the demand of crops in whole world

Our traditional greenhouse gas may be from green house but it must be modernized production my producing crops using algae or other microorganism.

causes of water pollution

Nuclear power plant must be planned in advance .every country must have such production cells and power plant and this must be fitted in every industry. Government must implement these plans to save the energy.

So implementing such nuclear power plant save country energy and does not cause any destruction in world. This nuclear plant is clean and safe. so it does not cause nuclear pollution.

Radiation pollution is caused by technology and advancement made by man. There is no doubt that human?s play vital role in discovering new things which are against nature and living things.

Soil, air and water pollution are the environment  types of pollution  which has lost the purity due to humans undesirable activities. In addition to this we have methane which causes volcanic eruption but they are comparatively less to pollution which is caused by human.

Water gets polluted by industry waste sewage discharge. Air pollution are caused by burning of fossils which  cause green house gas it also increases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide  in atmosphere. Soil gets polluted by synthetic fertilizer. Noise pollution is caused by vehicle horns. Above all we have radiation pollution which cause genetic problem in humans.

Environment pollution are totally integrated to one another for example air pollution cause breathing trouble which may cause heart attack in future which may be insufficient oxygen supply to respiratory organ . Water pollution affects the nutrition of sea food which in turn cause allergy on human skin. Soil pollution attacks the fertility lands which attack the crops and cause stomach disorder in human beings.

Global warming is increased when the average temperature of earth, ocean and surface air gets increased. A research study has proved that the temperature has reached one degree Fahrenheit before hundred years. If   this condition remains same it may cause huge distraction on earth.

What contributes to global warming? Humans are the major cause for this global warming. Natural causes include destruction of sunspots, volcanic eruption, and altering earth orbit and green house gases like burning of solid waste ,wood, fossil fuels which include coal,naturaloil, and deforestation. Major explosion caused by industries are sulphurhexafluoride, perflorocarbon, which affects the atmosphere and cause global warming.

Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor are which take part in this global warming. Large amount is produced by thermal plants. Deforestation and burning of trees also cause global warming.

Economy, atmosphere and environment play a role in this global warming and affect human health.

What contributes to global warming? Nature also causes global warming. When the earth?s surface temperature increases it results in melting of ice which in turn cause huge flood and also increases the sea level. This may immerse coastal areas.

Preventive measures help in reduce global warming and also to have some amount of energy for forth coming generations.

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Types Of Air Pollution And Water Pollution

Type of pollution -Types of air pollution – Types of water pollution

Type of pollution

Many of the new inventions as well as new introductions are having the ability to create most hazardous dangers to our human life because they are made artificial. This systematic way of creating enriched comforts are producing elements these become inevitable to the human live. It may be anything from the cloths to the food items is prepared in such systematic way. Just a single insight into the keen view of ecology is making us to realize the imbalance factor with the ecology.

Here we list some of the general type of pollution which is gradually bringing people to the unhealthy mental stage:

Noise Pollution

Any type of noise which is unpleasant to our human ears is considered as noise pollution. Hard and loud sounds created by factories, machinery, trains, automobiles, explosives, fire crackers, and explosives are also playing a major role in creating the noise pollution. Pollutions are also created by the natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and hard winds. Regardless of how the noise pollution has created definitely it will give an impact on the human health. This type of pollution will cause hearing issues, irritation & headache. Anyhow noise pollutions are not included in the list of major issues but the extreme sounds are very harmful. They can even give a hike to your cholesterol levels .These all factors can even create heart strokes and heart attacks.

Water Pollution

Any type of harmful elements components or contaminants entering in to the water bodies such as oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes and streams can cause water pollution. So many human acts say for example cleaning, dumping waste and washing are playing a vital role to the water pollution. The detergents and soaps are made up of harmful chemicals, synthetic materials which all produce much more contaminants in to the water. Above all dumping the wastes such as cans, plastic materials will also pose a warning alarm. These pollutions are not only making way for the depletion of marine life but also these are very hazardous to human life. Generally polluted water is very safe for the use of agriculture, industrial and drinking water usage.

effects of water pollution
 Air Pollution

Air pollution is mainly caused by the act of discharging dangerous substances in to the air space. Major Key factor that contributes to the air pollution causes is automotive pollution. Since our technology is growing every day, it increases the number of motor vehicles in the road and in turn it increases the air pollution too. In addition to that, industries making use of thermal power plant, steel, mines, petro-chemicals will also produce harmful substances which are disposed in to the atmosphere. These kinds of pollution have already made enough changes in the ozone production layer of the atmosphere. This ozone layer is very important for protecting the earth from most dangerous U-V rays. Since this layer getting thinned because of the global warming it affects the human lives in a great way.

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution is caused by the atomic explosions. Other possible sources are nuclear power plant accidents, UN managed nuclear waste disposal & operations performed on uranium mining. Radioactive pollutions actually cause deadly diseases like cancer, several different kinds of birth defects & UN countable number of other health issues.

Soil Pollution

Another name of Soil pollution is known as land pollution which is specified as the pollution of soil. Now a day?s so many kinds of synthetic pesticides and chemical substances are utilized for fertilizing the lands in agriculture. These harmful substances used to release contaminant which ruins the soil and leave the soil in the imbalanced state. So soil erosions are felted every now and then.

Among all these types of pollution air pollution and water pollution are the major things. So we explore you something more on the types of air pollution and types of water pollution.

Types of air pollution


The first type we are going to see in the ?types of air pollution ?is smog. Whenever there seems a smoke in the atmosphere (emitted from many different sources) which is combined along with the fog that is present in the atmosphere, the combined mixture is known as smog. Generally various types of factories are playing a vital role in the formation of smog.  Industries normally uses so many kinds of materials and chemical substances for the production, refinement and cleaning which creates different kinds of toxic materials. These can release the chemicals through the smoke by the chimney of the factory.

Green House Effect:

One other type of air pollution is called as?green house effect?. This type of air pollution is formed due to the pollution caused to the several important gases in the atmosphere. In other words these are defined as the follows: There are some gases exist as green house gases these are moved upward toward the atmosphere where it gets to mix with the other gases. Again these come back to the earth and causes depletion to the crops, live stock and human lives.

Industrial Air Pollution, Transport Related Air Pollution are some other major types of air pollutions.

Types of water pollution

There are so many types of water pollution. Some are:

Surface Water Pollution, Groundwater Pollution, Microbiological Pollution, Oxygen Depletion Pollution, Nutrient Pollution and Chemical Pollution.

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Noise pollution causes and effects

Noise pollution causes – Noise pollution definition- Noise pollution effects

Noise pollution definition

The noise pollution can be defined simply as ?unwanted sound.” Any type sound will be treated as unwanted due to the following facts.

  • Annoying / unpleasant
  • Loud
  • Distracting / Intrusive

Noise pollution definition can be given in one other way too.

Noise is actually a Latin word which gives the meaning ?seasickness?. More commonly it can be stated as the sensation of annoyance, disgust or discomfort.

It is not very easy to define the noise pollution definition. Essentially noise pollution is the kind of pollution that is caused by several different audio sources that is causing the feel of irritation, distraction to our living environment. This not pollution is not only disturbing the environment but it also produces harm to our mankind.

Noise pollution causes and Noise pollution effects

In our day to day life noise pollution is increasing rapidly and it becomes to grow as one of the serious threats in some areas. Noise pollution becomes a stress full one to so many animals it also creating many problems in prey relation / predator & detection. It also leads to several different reproduction issues. Very serious noises can In fact deduce the usable habitats of some sound-sensible creatures; finally it results in the depletion of rare species.  For example noise pollution created by the man kind actually putting a full stop for so many sea animals. Specifically the ones whose sense of hearing is very sharp like whales and dolphins. All Scientists have agreed the fact that so many dolphins and whales are committing the massive suicides just reaching sea shore by observing the wrong signals.

causes of water pollution
Noise pollution effects are giving so many negative impacts on the human health. Exposure to the too much noise of noise will lead to aggression, hearing loss, stress, sleep disturbance so much more psychological issues. Researchers have shown that so many people who can afford a new home have started to buy homes in areas where the noise disturbance is very low. Now think about the one who can?t afford a new home. Let?s reduce the noise pollution by preventing the Noise pollution causes.

One of the main sources of noise pollution is our transportation, especially noise caused by the motor vehicles. Other sources includes emergency service sirens ,alarms, factory machinery, office equipment, construction work, power tools barking dogs, , loudspeakers ,different audio systems, lighting hum & stage meetings disturbances  can cause the noise pollution . Among all these motor vehicles are the dominant sources of noise pollution.
The problem of Noise pollution has gained significant attention from the environmental point. But still this noise pollution has not received the full recognition as one of the major environmental issue. Noise laws are not created in many courtiers yet. In United States they have federal standards for the things like aircraft noise, highway and aircraft noise, some states & local governments are having the specific statutes for the building codes, road way development programs and urban planning. But still Unites states do not have a dedicated body which would regulates these noise pollution. Not even a single country has created such regulations this means the serious effects of noise pollution are not still fully understood.
In few countries various types of noises are handled carefully by the respective agencies those are responsible for noise source. For example noise caused by the vehicles are managed by the transportation ministry of ways to prevent global warming . Loud speaker noises are treated as a criminal offense in so many areas. Generally   everyone is seeing this noise pollution as the source of irritation rather than the real issues created by the noises. This is why we don?t have special bodies to regulate the noise pollution

Given below are some of the noise pollution effects on humans

Hearing Issues

Exposure to the harm full noise can cause damages to our most important organs of our body, i.e., the ear. The Hearing impairment happened because of noise pollution may be a temporary one or permanent one. Whenever the sound level goes above 70 dB mark which becomes a noise to our ear. If the noise level crosses over the 80 decibels which will produce many harm full effects to our ear. When our ear is exposed to a sound that goes over the 100 decibels for certain period of time, it will cause irreparable damage to the ear and will also lead to all time / permanent hearing loss.

Cognitive function

If your ears are regularly exposed to some loud noise you will lose the reading, understanding and learning ability. You will also lose the Problem solving abilities and may get the short term memory lose because of the often exposure to the noise. This Noise pollution will also give a raise to the level of error and will decrease your productivity in office. Research shows that the children who are studying in the noisy environment are showing very poor cognitive function.

Cardiovascular Problems

Our noisy environments are one of the main sources for the heart issues. Researchers have revealed that high level of sounds can give a dramatic raise to the blood pressure. It also increase the heart beat rate. This is proved by analyzing the heart beta of children who are staying and learning the noisy environment. It is very high when compare to the children who are living in the reduced noisy environment.

Apart from this noise pollution can cause sleep disturbances and may produce mental problems.

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What is the cause of global warming and what prevents global warming

Ways to prevent global warming – What is causing global warming – What is the cause of global warming

One of the biggest debates in the world at present is global warming. Man and nature plays equal role in global warming. It is very clearly proved and it is also logical. Nature has made the global warming because man has destroyed the natural cycle.

So, is there any possible ways to prevent global warming? Society plans for many things but how far it is applicable is it possible to switch off our computer, T.V, lights, and walk to showroom to purchase greener car. But it is not possible to make changes in short period. It can be done only when every individual have an interest to save the earth.

Science says that we have already destroyed the earth and it is very difficult to save our earth. So we have to reduce our luxurious life by avoiding TV,PCs,lights, everything must be off and we have to travel by bus. The threat has been increased to ten folds like nuclear war or world war.

Following the Ways to Prevent of global warming is a difficult task. Public wants the government to teach them about the hazards of global warming through television. How to make the adamant or stubborn people who never have interest over saving the earth. We   have to take pledge to save our environment.


The major distraction faced by environment is global warming. Temperature of earth is caused from low range to high range is due to this warming up of earth which is caused by temperature ?trapping gases which is known as greenhouse gases.

Even though sixty percentage of global warming is made by carbon dioxide rest of gases also plays a role in global warming. What is causing global warming? They are chlorofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide and methane. Do you know how this earth gets heated? It is either by man or by natural phenomenon. Both human and nature plays a role in increasing the global warming.

consequences of global warming

Researchers say that global warming was made by human before billion years. Sunspot cycle increases the temperature. At present destruction made by sun surface produce burning heat where the earth gets affected by more temperature. Tilt and earth orbit is another cause for global warming.

If any changes occur in earth orbit it effects or makes planet to go nearer or away from sun. So they are the strangers for global warming. Do you know what is causing global warming? Plate tectonics which is the reason for poles has to be separated from hot ocean current. They affect the climate. Methane plays major role in global warming which is released by arctic tundra and also from wetlands.

What is a cause for global warming? Greenhouse gas is released to maintain earth?s temperature but they are increased by the human?s activities in environment. Earth absorbs more heat man is a major cause for this global warming. Industries pollute the environment which in turn causes global warming. They release more amount of   green house gas and the carbon dioxide which affect the nature cycle and earth.

Industries, transportation, electricity which is released from coal-fired powered plant are the major cause for carbon dioxide to the environment. Do you know what a cause for global warming is?  Deforestation is the other reason for green house gases, because fewer amounts of trees affect the transformation of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Science says that burning of tree woods and oil and coal which are called as fossil fuels release carbon dioxide livestock releases methane. Industries and agricultural products release nitrous oxide.

Even the current research was not able to find the accurate reason for global warming .we can predict the causes of global warming and we can take preventive measures for protecting the environment from global warming. There lay many stories regarding this global warming. We cannot control the global warming but gradually we can have a control over it. There are certain reasons for global warming by considering those reasons we can have a little control over global warming.

Global warming has reached top position as result earth has become very hot even you can cook   food such as egg using the heat strokes.  Even the summer has made history due to this increase of temperature. So everyone must be aware about hydration while spending their picnic in outdoors.

Global warming is the continuous hottest issue in the world. It is also a political issue too. Where the humans play a vital role in huge amount. Many countries are affected by this how global warming works especially America had worst scary hurricanes because of global warming.

Global warming is caused by human activities. This can be controlled in future by teaching the younger generation about the hazards of global warming through experiments in schools even must take a pledge to save the earth . Even the car pollutes environment and causes global warming. This is scientifically proved. Many research shows that car make major destruction on earth and cause global warming.

So the future generation has to be educated through schools to prevent the global warming.

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Gobal Warming Works And Effects On Human Beings

How global warming works -Global warming effects on humans – Global warming effects on animals

Here let?s explore on what is global warming and how global warming works on animals and humans.

One main issue in debate on the climate change is common lack of knowledge on the affect of global warming. Normally People are not thinking about from where they are getting gasoline, electricity, / toilet papers. At the time we turn on the lights in our home, we don?t need to necessarily the plants & coal mines those produced the power. One other issue what we all have is we are not aware of asking question to science. So many of us are rarely asking the question like who is funding the science research programs and whether they really could compromise with the research findings.

Si many of us do not have the understanding on How global warming works. We used to think such that only the cold winter is a proof of global warming. Anyhow, Global warming is making the drastic changes on our climate. What we refer by the Climate is the long term environmental patterns. One of the main predictions on the water pollution definition is extreme weather conditions like colder winters, hotter summers, stronger storms and longer droughts. In accordance with some famous theories soon Europe will going to see an ice age. If the global warming continuous to the future Europe will never changed into a tropical paradise.

Recently a survey has taken from nearly 530 climate scientists (taken from 27 different countries). It has revealed that around 82% of the scientists have agreed that the global warming is occurring. Disagree percentage is very minimal (Only 2.6%). We all should know the urgency of global warming awareness. Let?s discuss some of the global warming effects on humans and global warming effects on animals

Global warming effects on humans

Effect no #1:

Have you ever noticed the weather condition lately? Have you ever noticed the drastic change on the weather conditions? If yes, you are right; these all freaky changes are showing the effects of global warming.

causes of water pollution

Effect no #2:

Already the ice- continents along with the ice caps have started to melt just because of the global warming. These melted ice continents will be turned into water. Subsequently it will be dumped into the ocean. This raise in the temperature will give a significant raise to the sea level.

Effect no #3:

Global warming has turned many fertility lands in to desert. These all happened just because of the elevated heat level. All of us experienced these many years ago in Africa. Now the turn is to Asia, United States and Europe. What this warm climate will do is, it will make the land to get drier that makes the people to face harder times in producing the food. Food is one of the essential things that keep us moving forward & if we are unable to produce it we all will kiss the death very soon.

Effect #4:

On the pros side, global warming actually gave a birth to so many new industries. These all industries working with the aim of finding solutions for many different problems occurred by the global warming phenomenon. Actually It is one the good awareness at least some people are putting their effort for finding the ways to fight with global warming let?s face the effect of global warming on humans and animals; because it is already here. Let?s also find out some ways to fight with the global warming.

The above stated are only some of the effects that we are facing because of the global warming. Even though there are so many people out there who are all deny its existence, what we can do for them is just letting the obvious to speak for it. Already we have seen effects of global warming. So Let us just stop denying the existence of obvious. Let?s just find some wise ways to fight with it. Join in the global warming campaign and put a full stop to global warming.

Global warming effects on animals

We can give a long list of global warming effects on animals. Here are some.

Drastic climate changes can actually affect the animal lives & plants. As we all know birds have started to lay eggs in the unusual times, plants have started to bloom quite earlier & mammals have starred to come out of hibernation very sooner compare to some previous decades. As a result of global warming raised temperature many spices have started to move very close to poles.

If we see Geographic ranges it will be a great shocking to all. Few animals and plants have shifted up normally to the northward & upward. One of the good examples is the red fox; Red foxes have started to move to the north. Now it is getting closer to the range of arctic foxes. It is an indication of the depletion. Same kind of range shifts are also been observed among the mammals, plants and birds of United States.

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Cause For Water Pollutions

Water Pollution Definition – Water Pollution Causes and Effects – Water Pollution Solutions

Water pollution definition

Water pollution can be defined as the inclusion of harmful chemicals and other substances to the natural water. Main Sources of water pollution actually includes the industrial waste, run-off from the fields which are treated with the help of chemical fertilizers & run-off from the areas which have been mined.

Water pollution causes and effects

Water pollution is essentially caused by activity of mixing the toxic chemicals, sewage water and industrial effluents with the natural drinking water. This is one of the major problems that are generally observed by many in all developing countries. Only few developed countries have actually found out the ways to deal with the water pollution, what is the worst thing is developing nations are facing hard times in resolving these problems.

Water pollution sources are listed below.

Industrial effluents:

Industrial effluents are the very harm full source of water pollution. Through These industrial effluents harmful chemicals will get mixed in to the water and consequently it will create deadly diseases like cancer. There are some Organic pollutants such as salts, dyes, cyanides, greases, suspended solids & oils. These are all included in the industrial effluents. An element called momethyl mercury comes along with the industrial effluents actually enters in to the human body. How it is getting mixed with our body is through water it can cause the brain damage. Above all some direct deaths are reported by just drinking such kind of mixed water.

Silt: Silt pollutes the water in its initial stage itself. At the time of silt, the polluted silt or soil from the hills gets carried by the rain water. This rain water is then mixed along with the natural ground water. This actually happens at the time of deforestation.  Generally this type of pollution is not very dangerous when the water go deep these polluted soil particles will get stored at the bottom automatically we will get a pure clean water. In some rare cases infecting microorganisms found out with this water.

Thermal wastes: Water which got polluted by the thermal pollution usually does not affect the human lives. But it severely affects the life under water .In our day to day life the nuclear and thermal power stations makes the full fledged use of water then disposes it with very high  temperature. If you see the aquatic life, that is not very tolerable to make adjustments with the very high temperature water. So they used to die in turn water becomes very dirty.

Domestic wastes & Sewage: The next thing that we are going to see in the under the Water pollution causes and effects is Domestic wastes. Because of this type of pollution the human live is getting affected on daily basis. This type of water pollution normally includes detergents & soaps, urine & human excreta. Another one main source is sewage expelled from the house. Highest numbers of microorganisms are surviving in this water. When it gets to mix with our river they actually gets multiplied and become more dangerous. Diseases like jaundice, typhoid, dysentery and cholera are the well known diseases that occurred just because of this kind of water pollution.

Radioactive substances: all of us need to deal very carefully with these kinds of radioactive substances. The reason is they used to enter in to our body without our knowledge and will also cause the cancer. Atomic explosions are one of the great sources for radioactive substances. When these substances enter into our body through water it creates land pollution facts . This is a rare kind of pollution.

Water pollution solutions

causes of climate change

If you have read Water pollution definition, water pollution causes and effects you might understood we can?t do anything for the earthquakes, eruptions. But we can in fact do a little when comes for global warming. According to many scientists we can?t reverse anything that has happened by global warming. The process is irreversible. Anyhow if we want to find the Water pollution solutions what we can do further is we can stop the activity that causes the global warming.

Animal waste A and Poultry waste can be included in the list of major water pollution causes. These kinds of wastes are known as agricultural pollutants. Normally animal wastes those are related with the agriculture can be disposed in the stream of water. Even some farmers used to dispose the pesticides, fertilizers (used in the crop field) in to the fresh and clear water streams and rivers. A water pollution factor that comes out of agriculture can be stored very easily by using strong steps.

Now let?s talk about water pollutions those are caused by the public municipalities. These plays very important role when it comes for water pollution. The reason is all of the wastes and dusts collected from the city are used to dispose at the nearby river or sea. They should learn to dispose the waste in the recycling method to avoid the water pollution.

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Land pollution Causes and Facts.

Land pollution facts – What is land pollution - Land pollution pictures

Pollution in land becomes one of the main types of pollution that is hurting the earth which is also one of the global concerns. Drastic environmental degradation is one of the other major culprits which are the result of industrialization. We can say countless reasons for the land pollution. However the main factors which are responsible the land pollution are identified as improper waste management ,pesticides, improper disposal of industrial wastes, oil dumping and fuel dumping. These all activities are ruining the soil and lead to land pollution.  To get a better health and wealth we must restore the contaminated soil. Our Scientists have started to develop and redevelop the useful soil remedial techniques to ensure purification of our land. If you are asking yourself what is land pollution then continue to read this post .

Countless people are getting affected every day because the land pollution can affect people in so many ways. It can give anything like sickness or diseases, major health issues and finally death. If we start to talk of pollution in may mean land pollution, air pollution and water pollution.

Now let?s talk about the Land pollution facts and causes.

Land pollution causes are so many. Some of the things are elaborated along with the clear Land pollution pictures.

Rapidly Growing population

As we are seeing every day many fertilized lands are turned in to residential areas. Because of the growing population we are building factories and house from the depletion of agricultural lands. Urbanization is the major cause for why agricultural lands are often gets exploited. Due to the how to prevent pollution in cities rich people have started to build their rest homes by destroying the forest .Countless homes & countless buildings essentially mean the need of more construction materials. To fulfill this need we are destroying the trees on daily basis.

Domestic wastages

Due to the increased population people have started to dump the organic and in organic wastes in to the lands which makes our lands and streets to become unhealthy. On daily basis the garbage collectors from our federation used to collect tons and tons of wastes from the households and businesses. These collected waste materials include plastics, papers, left-over foods, chemicals, Styrofoam, and more. The issue that exists among our people today is ?They are thinking of the environment?. We can attain the healthy place only when we learn to segregate our wastages before disposing. Since it is one of the major Land pollution Causes let?s learn to manage wastages and prevent the land pollution.

causes of water pollution

Land pollution pictures

The people should be instructed to attend the waste management programs compulsorily. In this what they learn is ?segregation of wastes such as plastics, papers & all other non-biodegradable waste materials from the biodegradable materials?.

 Industrial activities

Industrial activities are one of the other major Land pollution facts. It will result in the land pollution. Main activities that the industries are performing include open cast mining, deep mining of pools, chemical spills and many more. These all factors can easily make our land to get polluted.

Usage of so many pesticides and herbicides are usually pollutes the soil. Some other land pollutants are coming from the improper disposal of nuclear wastes, oil refineries, animal farms, and factories and so on. Let?s make others to know ?what is land pollution ?and how to avoid land pollution.


There are so many negative impacts that are playing main role in land pollution. Let?s explore some.

  • When the land is get polluted we can?t grow our crops in a proper way. Thus food crops scarcity will occur.
  • If we continue to cut so many trees to meet our building material needs deforestation will occur. It will end up with the termination of wild life.
  • If we continue to pollute the air, land and water  it will end up in the acid rain
  • Un healthy place can actually causes the diseases such as plaque, malaria, brain fever and so many
  • If a society fails to follow the waste management soon they will end up living in the filthy environment.

Every one of us living on the earth are responsible for finding the ways to prevent the land pollution facts and act accordingly to stop this land pollution .If we do not understand our responsibilities, definitely it will become a threat to our human and wild life. It may turn into a question over our survival too?

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How to prevent water & air pollution

How to Prevent Pollution - How to Prevent Water Pollution - How to Prevent Air Pollution

Nowadays, the major problem that is being faced by people is pollution. It is going on increasing till now. Pollution affects the world badly. The seas, rivers and ponds are getting polluted. The air and land is getting polluted. Accordingly the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink are also getting polluted.

The sad situation is that they are not good for us and our health. World is virtually destroyed by pollution and it becomes dangerous to us. If it is going on, then we will be destroyed by ourselves. If we make the way our earth to get polluted, then one day we will also be finished.

People think how to prevent pollution. Bringing pollution to an end is not possible. But if we try, we can reduce pollution. There are several ways to reduce pollution. Here are the few things about water and air pollution and how to prevent it:

Water pollution

One of the most and precious basic needs to live in this earth is water. It provides animals and plants? everyday needs and we human beings need water in our day to day activities.

We can also say that it is the elixir of existence of man in this world. We have to protect it from pollution so that living things can be healthy.

How to prevent water pollution?

  1.  Mixing chemical effluents and waste matters into ocean, seas and rivers can be avoided. In some countries, still washing clothes in lakes and rivers is continuing. The spillages produced from soaps will cause water pollution. Moreover, throwing wastes of chemical into the water can be avoided.
  2. Organic farming can be applied. Farmers should use organic planting for the products of agriculture so that use of chemicals will be avoided since organic fertilizers contain natural ingredients, compost, etc.
  3. An area of compost can be established. It is a very good way of reducing garbage, disposing yard clippings. And the organic products will make the soil fertile. All the wastes of garbage will go directly into the bin of compose so that litters can be minimized.
  4. Non-toxic materials can be used for cleaning. Non-toxic materials should be used for kitchen utensils as well as other items in house and for toiletries, etc.

These are the basic measures for preventing water pollution. These are very simple to follow in day to day life so that we can be safe from pollution.

global warming for kids

Now let us see about air pollution.

What is air pollution?
Air pollution contains different types of gases and chemicals that spread all over the world. Vehicles are the main reason for this pollution. Next one is dangerous and dirty fumes that are released from industries and factories.

Why is air pollution dangerous?

  • Ozone layer: Ozone layer is shrunk by air pollution, so the ability of protecting people from an UV radiation is getting reducing. It leads to skin cancer as well as damage for plants and animals.
  • Global warming: The main reason for  effects of global warming on humans on humans  is air pollution. It leads to increasing of temperature and already it has started to affect our globe. If it not stopped, ice caps will melt and increase the levels of sea. Then there will be flood in coastal areas.
  • Health reasons: Pollution particularly air pollution is the cause of diseases like heart issues, strokes and asthma.
  • Acid rain: Acid rain is caused by certain pollutants. Those pollutants will make rain as acid rain. It will greatly affect plants, animals, fishes, and also make the soil to be toxic.     

How to prevent air pollution?

  1. Avoid using car daily: Everyone can use public transit to travel in order to avoid harmful emissions produced from vehicles.
  2. Do not smoke: Smoking is dangerous to environment and it causes air pollution. Smoke comes from cigarettes release pollutants and it will cause damage to our health also.
  3. Recycling: Recycling helps a lot to minimize air pollution. When we use the recycled things, only lesser things are needed for factories to produce so that air pollution will be reduced.

There are also some other ways to prevent air pollution such as planting trees, saving energy and electricity, cleaning home often, avoiding plastic bags, etc. By using these ways, we should avoid air pollution and keep our health in good condition. It will be very helpful to the future generation.

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Effects of global warming on humans and earth

Effects of global warming on humans – Impacts of global warming -Global warming effects on earth

Every one of us must have come across the term “global warming” but still many of us didn?t realize about the effect of global warming on earth and our precious live. Even so many people might not know what the global warming is all about. In this post we try to put a clear picture on global warming so you can easily feel how it will affect our lives.

When the changes in climate go to extreme level, our entire world also reaches to some dangerous extreme. Anyhow today global warming’s effect is not felt only in melting of ice continents, rising of the sea level, temperature raise, crop failure but also impacts of global warming also gets reflected in our human lives too. Many dangerous diseases are caused by the mosquitoes. These are all becomes an epidemic disease.

When we talk about the effects of global warming on humans the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind should be ?will it any disease to our body?? The answer is yes. Malaria is one of the diseases which are highly increased in Africa because of the mosquitoes. As we all know mosquitoes can spread many more diseases. This sudden raise is due to the raise of the temperature in to the colder land of Africa. Since the temperature is too high these mosquitoes have no way of moving to the mountain areas. This extreme condition made several places such as Nairobi, Harar to be a safer place for human live which are all located up in the mountain.

In addition to malaria, on other disease exist as effects of global warming on humans. It is of course the rise in sea level and climate change. The increase in sea level not only affects the human physical health but it can also cause psychological aberration in human. Climate change can make people to become stress full.

Stress will lead you to do many negative acts. It has the power to change your life upside down. Now a day?s researches have revealed this stress is becoming one f the major problem that is faced as an Effects of global warming on humans and children especially in developed countries. From it has also revealed, in the year 2011 alone there were 150,000 premature deaths have occurred due to this stress.

Impacts of global warming are suspected to be high in developing courtiers especially it will affect 88% of children who are living in such places. The most negative effects will be seemed on the children who are all fragile and malnutrition. Mainly it affects the children who are living in some poor environment.

effects of water pollution

One other serious impact is water pollution. The changes in climate will also cause the high damages to the ozen protective layer .It actually gives a significant rise for the water pollution. Global warming effects on earth include the damages to the Ozone Protective layer too. This layer plays a vital role in our protection from the sunlight. Our failure to protect the earth ended up in the severe climate change than in past decades.

When we merge the effects of a hotter climate along with the effects of up normal rise in the sea levels, you can understand the high chances of experiencing some higher rate in the precipitation. Apart from this so many weather conditions like flash floods, hurricanes & tornadoes may also get developed. On the day we have started to experience this we will feel severe injuries, devastation and many more will occur. Impacts of global warming on earth are not leaving the plants and animals too. As we already know the air pollution solution and climate change in the sea made a way for the death of whales and dolphins in our seashore.

Finally it is not possible for us to revoke all the changes and damages happened to our precious earth. Although we can?t do anything for what we have done already we can stop the further damages. Every one of us should make sure that we will all that we can to avoid the air pollution to our atmosphere. Let?s avoid the Global warming effects on earth to get a prosperous future.

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Air Pollution Statistics And Solution

Air Pollution Solutions-Air Pollution Statistics-Air Pollution for Kids

Environment is an area, conditions or circumstances that surrounds us and Earth is our home. It provides us all the needed things to survive our life. To survive our life in this environment, we all have to lead a healthy Ecosphere with healthy plants, animals and also ecological systems, pure waters, fertile soils and pure air.

Nowadays, earth?s instinctive beauty is getting disappeared because of people. What they do is they destroy it by developing the resources for their own purpose. Environment?s destruction rate is getting high when compared to past decades.

Environmental problems? solutions may be done by decreasing the natural resources? over consumption as well as carbon?s emission into atmosphere produced from vehicles. The industrial products that cause air pollution is to be controlled and also those activities which cause climate changes and global warming should be controlled. Deforestation used for constructions has to be strictly reduced and also non-biodegradable materials should be consumed less. The activities that cause soil, forest, and water and air pollution must be decreased.

One of the methods to control these pollutions is recycling. Recycling the waste produce will reduce the cause of pollution and also environmental strain. Electronic materials like mobile phones, computers are should be recycled. Let compost be created in order to reduce the wastes as well as when creating organic fertilizer to out the carbon dioxide. To decrease deforestation, the used materials have to be recycled using latest technologies.

The next method is reusing the resources and materials that are manufactured along with plants or trees for their preservation. All the recycled materials have to be reused in order to decrease the resources? demand.

As people all over the world explore the cause of Global Warming, the pollution which remains dangerous is air pollution.

Death becomes too common because of pollution and the effect is not only to the people but also for animals and plants.

Air pollution for kids

Many studies have done to find whether air pollution causes asthma along with other diseases. They found that ozone protects people from the sun?s harmful effects. Lower elevations could be dropped down by ozone. It also causes smog which keeps the air pollution somewhat down and where we humans and all other living organisms can breadth. It happens during summer, whenever temperatures are high and causes the ozone to be dropped down and letting the pollution to keep in. if the ozone is down, adults and children may have an attack of asthma.

Asthma can affect children easily than adults because their small body mass gives them risk in breathing and their airways be blocked soon than adults. Controlling good asthma can be destroyed by the ozone and even it could destroy the action plan by spreading the smog all over the cities.

Air Pollution Statistics

The healthy, clean air could be made by the following 5 policy changes that can provide air pollution solutions. The ALA (American Lung Association) and other health and environmental organizations have recommended the following steps for the clean air schedule for our nation:

  1. Let the coal-fired power plants be cleaned up ? Coal plants causes highly the ozone and atmosphere and leads to asthma and heart diseases and worsened the toxic substances and green house gases.
  2. Strengthen ozone air standards voluntarily ? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has supplied the standards of national air quality by limiting the smog. But unluckily, the ALA and some groups disputed in court. Then again the EPA issued the new standards which protect ecosystems and people.
  3. Clean up oceangoing vessels ? Tankers, container ships and cruise ships emit numerous amount of smog which is the reason for the formation of heat producing carbon dioxide especially soot (black carbon), sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides. New report has shown that the pollution that is caused from these containers would reach far interior areas.
  4. Improve the pollution-monitoring network ? Numbers of sensors are collecting the data regarding quality of air that has to send to the database of EPA to find whether the communities meet national standards. Since those instruments are put only in thousand of 3141 counties of nation and cuts of the budget have pushed states in order to decrease the numbers of staffs and sensors that will be maintained by them and the data be analyzed by them. Science of emerging points that the areas that are not monitored are facing health risks in serious, especially people near to dirty industries and highways. The EPA should take necessary steps to lower the costs and to increase the ability of tracking pollutants.
  5. Enforce the law ? The Clean Air Act repelled the ability of the nation to control air pollution since 1970. But those rules have worn away by politic choices took the place associated with scientific types and after holding off  in enforcing particular needs have installed till costly legal cases prompt action. Through rebuilding dedication in order to technology as well as regulation, the country could make excellent advances.
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